Yoga Classes in London & Online

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi my London classes offer a space in which you can deepen your practice and draw upon your personal needs. I offer different levels in each class giving you the freedom to pick and choose what suits you in the moment.

Weekly Classes
Private Classes


this brand new offering is born out of these times of epic global pause.

During this current world reframe, I am offering the chance to connect live. Join my tribe … all are welcome in this zoom temple, all levels are welcome.

These classes will have most of the same elements of my in person classes, integrating a HUGE DOSE of LOVE and PASSION along with skilfully sequenced alignment-based flows, myth, mantra, amazing playlists and more – ✨❤️

In this time of financial strain, I have created several offerings knowing that I too am affected deeply by the cancellation of events. We hope to create a reciprocal model that can serve the whole.

Please choose the class that works for your time (remember to check how your time zone corresponds to British Summer Time).

Arrange space – have some candles, incense — and time to be able to move freely during the scheduled time, to the best of your capacity.

Play with me with an open heart/body/mind.


1. The “Accessible” option is for those who are struggling to meet their financial needs.

2. The “Suggested” option meets our true costs

3. The “Gratitude” option offer an opportunity for those with greater financial capacity to support others in attending practice.


For those who practice more than once a week can purchase a x 3 class pack for £22.50 – valid for 10 days from date of purchase…

You will have to first book this package, you will then receive a confirmation email with a CODE that you will use to book your 3 classes.

NOTE: Thursday class not included in the 3 class package


For NHS workers and those in real struggle I am offering a few seats for free. Please email me and will give you a COUPON