the art of sequencing


the life centre notting hill

9 december 2-4pm

Inspire your personal practice and discover how effective sequencing can help you progress your asana practice.

If you struggle with ‘peak’ poses such backbends or arm balances or just simply sitting cross legged then the way you sequence your practice could help.


We will learn how to progressively sequence from simple to complex and offer modifications for all levels. One of the principles of effective sequencing is that it should tell a story. The structure of a sequence follows an arc. There’s an opening and a warm up, where concepts are introduced and developed. Then there’s the climax, where those concepts are applied under challenging circumstances at the peak of heat. And finally, the denouement, where the story is resolved. 

We will cover

We will cover:
• Basic Sequencing Principles
• Explore language and new ways for safe sequencing
• Understanding the families of poses
• Working toward a “maha” pose
• Offering modifications for all levels
• Functional anatomy
• Sequencing for different groups of poses

If you want to learn new way to sequence your own personal home practice and deepen your experience while in classes, you will walk away with some new skills and depth.

Please bring a notepad and pen.

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