one on one coaching

If you would like a personalised consultation I offer one-on-one coaching and tailored programs to suit your needs and personal health goals.

My Self Care / Ayurvedic consultation involves an initial assessment discussing your whole picture of health. This includes your health history, symptoms, ailments, diet, current lifestyle and daily routines and much more.  From there, I will determine the right diet and lifestyle recommendations for you to reach your health goals and find your way back to your natural balance. I will teach you why I recommend certain things, so that you may fully understand and be part of your healing process. I am here for you as a guide and supporter through your healing process and to empower you to change your health and life for all around wellbeing.

We will implement a step-by-step program with and stage-by-stage objectivessuch as decluttering, space clearing, kitchen organising, how to eat for your constitution, seasonal eating, ayurvedic principles alongside yoga,  meditation and pranayama practice. Your goals are my priority and together we will create a manageable yet powerful plan of action focusing on your goals that prioritise a healthy diet and lifestyle and share ways to implement this into your daily life. The sessions can be either face to face or via video chat with an option to be connected to the online community.

what to expect

  • We will work together on how to create more time space in your life
  • Wow to find a deeper more sustainable energy
  • A better night’s sleep
  • How to gain the benefits of effective meditation.
  • To eat well and feel more nourished.
  • To move towards your ideal weight.
  • To develop clarity of mind.
  • To feel at ease, more present, in the flow and living in the moment.
  • To feel vibrant, deeply rested, energised and fresh.
  • To feel more connected to yourself.
  • Tap into your innate capacity for strength and wholeness.
  • To rely less on sugar and coffee to give you energy.
  • To eat right for your body and improve your digestion.
  • To move out of overwhelm and into ease.
  • To streamline your day for more relaxation and play.

We focus on changes that can be made that can be built upon each other and collectively ripple out to have a profound and lasting impact on your health. Your goals are my priority and together we will create a manageable yet powerful plan of action focusing on your goals that prioritise a healthy diet and lifestyle.

what can ayurveda help you with?

  • Poor digestion
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Lethargy and sluggishness
  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Joint Pain
  • Skin Imbalances
  • Slow down biological ageing

whats included

Initial consultation

this will help to understand your tendencies. We will learn about your constitution. This will be a discovery session about your short and long terms health (digestion, elimination, sleeping patterns). Mental and emotional patterns and how we react to stress and the environment.

Depending on programs

– Two One-On-One 50 minute sessions via Skype a month

– Email support through the month, in between sessions, if you have any questions, or if you need some extra support.

– Detailed notes after each session, with what we talked about + links and recommendations

– Plenty of book / podcast / documentaries / videos / tools recommendations specific to YOU

– Recipe ideas tailored to you

– Clarifying the habits, lifestyle tendencies or limiting beliefs that are causing your dis-harmony.

– No calorie counting, just delicious nourishing foods !

I shall hold your hand with:

– Incorporating more plants in your diet
– Grocery Shopping 101 + Food labels
– Meal Planning + Stocking a Healthy Kitchen
– Sustainable Living
– Stress Management + Healthy Relationships
– Sleep quality + How to naturally boost your energy
– Morning + Evening routines
– Moving Your Body
– Decluttering your home/kitchen/mind
– Healthy & Easy Travel Habits
– Digestion & Gut Health + Food Combining
– Cooking Easy Wholesome Meals + Healthy Cooking Techniques
– Behavior changing methods to integrate the recommendations without overwhelm and how to help them ‘stick’.