Dear Margherita, I am so happy to have come to another retreat, it has done the world of good for me! I liked the diversity between the days and how you draw on each day to build blocks for the next. You are incredibly patient and loving and it has been instrumental in creating a healing environment. Thank you so much.

Sylvia, London

Dearest Margue, you really have some kind of magic. My word for the week was ”Renew” and I have come back from the lovely, outstanding retreat in Puglia with a new clarity of thought and determination to change things for the better. I always learn from you. You always give so much and we are lucky that you are such a dedicated teacher giving more than just repeating a series of Asanas. I loved the movement. The little bit of boxing and the continuation of more understanding about our bodies mentally and physically. Thank-you for the people, the divine location and food and mostly for your continuing inspiration. There is just one more Hindu Goddess to add to the list. Marguerita, divine Goddess, fruity and spicy and possessing the juiciest mangos of all the deity. Love and great thanks from Lorna xxx

Lorna Jarman

Yet another beautiful chosen space in the hills of Umbria … the energy Margherita dearest that you manage to create in each place and in each heart is just magical! Fun and love is just what I felt in each class, time to reflect during the week, all has given me such an inspiration! I really hope I will be able to practice with you more often. Thank you so much for making me part of your family … I love you!

Rosy, London

Hello Margherita, thank you for taking me on this wonderful journey through elements: earth/water/fire/air&space- it was amazing and what’s most important it will resonate for long, forever. I admire the way you work with and sense the energy. Classes were very well balanced; we were strengthening, stretching in all directions and dimensions. I am particularly grateful for the pranayama practice, which I’ve always found quite difficult to do on my own. I’m mesmerised – truly, deeply- by the way you teach and practise. Thank you so much for sharing tips on teaching, for being so approachable, warm and kind.


I learnt so much from your class, but the best part was that I realised that it is possible to improve the flexibility of my hips, which I had always thought wasn’t possible given the problems I’ve had with them. I just have to try other ways!

Lauren, London

Margherita, once again you did not disappoint! Our week in Goa at Ashiyana still resonates with a deep love, belly laugh, and amazing changes. You have such a knack for putting together an incredible group of Yogis. I feel so blessed to have so many new Londoners in my life! How you manage to get 2 Greeks, 1 Russian, 1 Brazilian, 1 Turk, 1 South African, 1 Irish, 2 Polish, 1 Italian, 3 British, and 1 Canadian in one group that respects, enjoys and loves each moment is pretty extraordinary! Santa Maria del Sole was an incredible experience three years ago – loved it all – but your teaching here in Mandrem Beach, Goa seemed to take on a life of it’s own. Your breakdown of Asanas will be with us forever – and I can’t think of where or whom one could go to get such thorough in-depth training. You are truly an artists in your craft and still, able to send each and every subtle move to a higher depth in each of our bodies. Thank you Margherita – for choosing a striking beachfront India-light venue with meticulous rooms and bountiful buffets, and especially for giving us a week of your love and support.

Claudia , Wisdom Good

I have just come back from a Margherita’s retreat in Almeria and have only praise. The place was exceptional and the group – totally amazing. I arrived feeling closed, tight, tired and in a low state of mind. With Margherita’s practice, teachings and nurture, I now feel revived, strong, inspired and positive! She starts with the foundations of yoga slowly building up to more complex flows and restorative class – which worked tremendously. As well as the yoga, she provides advice on wellbeing and nutrition, leaving me with true intentions to take much better care of myself. It’s been a transformative experience and I can’t thank her enough for giving me a wonderful feeling. Thank you Margherita! x


I had the great privilege of sharing an amazing week with Margherita at LA Rosa dei 4 Venti . The retreat was as close to perfection as one can hope for. Marghe is a very dedicated, caring, loving and inspirational teacher . The location is serene and peaceful, the food is plentiful, healthy and delicious. Giulia has created un paradiso in true Italian style with attention to every detail. I am an experienced yoga ‘retreater” and this venue combined with Margherita’s expertise and loveliness has “raised the barre” at every level. Namaste

Margaret Mervis

…At every class that I attend with Margherita, her classes are always well planned, well explained and well demonstrated, and taught very well. With each muscle group or internal muscle group that we are working explained we