The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself

Habits to Thrive
Uplevel your body and your life

starts 16 March 2022

Are you going through a hard time – overwhelmed by work, a few pounds overweight and not sleeping well? Your schedule is crazy and you are struggling to find time for yourself or to workout? You know you should take better care of yourself and you wish there would be someone to show you how?

I’m there to personally guide and support you. My Yoga + Self-Care Coaching is based on the powerful principles of Ayurveda combined with an effective system to implement changes in your daily life, to create a healthier and more vibrant you. It’s the modern science of habit change meets the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Just a few changes and you’ll have more energy, feel more alive, more confident with your food choices and more connected and joyful – to name just a few of the benefits you can expect.

are you ready for the next phase in your life

* To create more space and time in your life * To find a deeper more sustainable energy * To sleep better * To gain the benefits of effective meditation * To eat well and feel more nourished * To move towards your ideal weight * To develop clarity of mind * To feel at ease, more present, in the flow and living in the moment * To feel vibrant, deeply rested, energised and fresh * To feel more connected to yourSelf * Tap into your innate capacity for strength and wholeness * To rely less on synthetic stimulants * To eat right for your body and improve your digestion * To move out of overwhelm and into ease * To streamline your day for more relaxation and play.
margherita dal pra health coach london

so how do you get from here to where you want to be?

My one year signature yoga health + self care programme involves a deep assessment of you, as well as providing an education into the wisdom and healing power of Ayurvedic — the Science of Life — in a modern language that everyone can access.

You will learn how to establish and maintain a healthy, vibrant, inspiring, fulfilling life. You will learn tools and techniques that will create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Take back your health and empower yourself to heal through this ancient system.

This program is not another detox, I will take you step by step through some basic lifestyle principles which will greatly improve your health. Each step builds on the last: the whole effect is greater that the sum of the parts. Using habit, lifestyle and personal evolution techniques, you are compassionately guided to make healthier changes you can keep, and continue to improve upon.


what to expect …

We will work together on how to create more time space in your life, how to find a deeper more sustainable energy, a better night’s sleep, how to gain the benefits of effective meditation. To eat well and feel more nourished. To move towards your ideal weight. To develop clarity of mind. To feel at ease, more present, in the flow and living in the moment. To feel vibrant, deeply rested, energised and fresh. To feel more connected to yourself. Tap into your innate capacity for strength and wholeness. To rely less on sugar and coffee to give you energy, To eat right for your body and improve your digestion. To move out of overwhelm and into ease. To streamline your day for more relaxation and play.

Each week, for 10 weeks, we focus on developing one simple habit. The habits build upon each other and collectively ripple out to have a profound and lasting impact on your health. Your goals are my priority and together we will create a manageable yet powerful plan of action focusing on your goals that prioritise a healthy diet and lifestyle.

what can ayurveda help you with …

  • Poor digestion
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Lethargy and sluggishness
  • Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Joint Pain
  • Skin Imbalances

what’s included?

Two 1 on 1 sessions

You will have two individual coaching sessions with myself, one at the beginning and one towards the end of of each 10-week programs. I’ll be there to answer all of your questions and together we will clarify the next steps on your wellness path.

A Master eBook

This eBook gives you the foundation and fundamental guidelines on how we succeed with habit changes and stepping into a new way of being.

by-monthly group coaching calls

I’ll hold a by-monthly zoom call where we’ll discuss the spotlighted habit and what you are experiencing. All calls will be recorded so you can listen in later if you can’t make it live.

Weekly printable lessons.

Each week you’ll get an email with a printable PDF full of information about the habit we are covering that week.

Weekly recorded lessons.

Each week you’ll get an email with a recorded lesson.

Online community

You’ll get access to our private member community. Here you can ask questions and get support from myself and the other participants.

4 Rounds of the 11 Week Habits to Thrive Course
Round 1: Learn + Experiment with the Habits
Round 2: Experiment + Implement the Habits
Round 3: Implement + Deepen the Habits
Round 4: Deepen + Live the Habits

Seasonal Resets
Monthly workshops
weekly support emails
2 half day retreats + invite a friend
2 1-hour private coaching sessions
Coaching sessions are gold.
Schedule one at the beginning and one at the end or save them for when you really need support.
In addition to your monthly 30 minute 1-1 session you receive two, deep dive calls

I am here for you!

I love teaching these habits and supporting a group in changing their life. These habits have made such a huge positive impact on my life. It’s all about common sense that’s not that common! I help my clients revolutionise their health by making small habit changes that have huge impact on their wellbeing, while nourishing their unique, beautiful bodies. The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to do it alone! These subtle transformations can make such a huge difference.” / Margherita /

FREE 30 Mins Discovery Call

“margherita’s course far surpassed anything i could have expected. i joined this course because my energy levels were low and i felt sluggish, but the course fixed that and also gave me so much more. by taking margherita’s advice and making the changes she suggested, i have completely changed my lifestyle and am now feeling more joy, have more energy, am more purposeful, take better care of myself and am feeling more centred.”

/ sarah ~ london /