Soulful reading


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Maintaining adequate amounts of quality sleep is essential to optimal health and well-being. If you are feeling run-down, struggling to focus, or feeling irritable for no clear reason, you may want to look into your sleep patterns. In a fast-paced environment, many people forgo sleep and overextend themselves to catch up on work and


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Humble us by removing our disclaimers, our qualifiers and our blame of others for putting us in this place. Find us sitting on the mountain waiting for the visions to come from you, disrobed of our arrogance, stripped of our expectations, devoid of impatience. Surround us with your magical animals, vegetables and minerals, which


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I am an avid reader and seeker.  Over the years I have collected a great amount of books which have sparked my curiosity. Here is a great list for the soul, the mind and the body, for the beginner student to the yoga teacher and teachers in training or anyone seeking the absolute truth