“We Must Learn To Nurture Ourselves”

10-Day Ayurvedic  Reset

From the comfort of your home you will receive the materials and guidance you need to partake in a 10-day seasonal Reset!

A time to rebalance, physically as well as in an emotional and heart-centring way with this yogi detox.


Are you going through a hard time – overwhelmed by work, a few pounds overweight and not sleeping well? Your schedule is crazy and you are struggling to find time for yourself or to workout? You know you should take better care of yourself and you wish there would be someone to show you how?

Want to feel good?  Reset. Relaxed. Focused. Ready with forward momentum. 

Take your power and your body wisdom back. Do you want to lighter, focused, rested, energetic, smarter, happier, perhaps even occasionally joyful, more relaxed, less anxious, less cranky, less dense, less lethargic?

what is a reset

A reset is a process that is best done at the change of seasons or in times of duress, to allow the body and mind to release. What is released? You could think of toxins as undigested food and undigested emotions and unprocessed sensory stimulation. I think of toxins as anything that is in the body or mind that blocks a higher level of natural efficiency and communication. Reset is a process that accelerates digestion, cellularly and subtly, of toxins. The result is the feeling of being relieved of a burden and refreshed on your focus forward, with the habits to maintain your positive momentum.

You will get …

  • 1 of orientation video guiding you through each step of the program
  • A Reset Manual & Intention
    This eBook gives you the foundation and fundamental guidelines on how we succeed with the reset as well as over 50 recipes
  • Shopping Sheets + Meals Plan
    Tip sheets with suggested meals and plans
  • Guided Meditations and classes you will receive recorded short practices to practice daily at your convenience
  • Online community
    You’ll get access to our private member community. Here you can ask questions and get support from myself and the other participants.
  • unlimited email support
  • 25% OFF my one-one consultations
  • ONLY £54 £108

you will finish ….

  • With more space and time in your life
  • With deeper more sustainable energy
  • Sleeping better
  • Will gain the benefits of effective meditation
  • Learning to eat well and feel more nourished
  • Closer to your ideal weight
  • Having more clarity of mind
  • You will feel more at ease, more present, in the flow and living in the moment
  • You will feel more vibrant, deeply rested, energised and free
  • More connected to yourSelf
  • Will tap into your innate capacity for strength and wholeness
  • You will rely less on synthetic stimulants
  • Learning to eat right for your body and improve your digestion
  • To finally move out of overwhelm and into ease
  • Learn to streamline your day for more relaxation and play.

I am here for you!

I love teaching these habits and supporting a group in changing their life. These habits have made such a huge positive impact on my life. It’s all about common sense that’s not that common! I help my clients revolutionise their health by making small habit changes that have huge impact on their wellbeing, while nourishing their unique, beautiful bodies. The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to do it alone! These subtle transformations can make such a huge difference.” / Margherita /


“margherita’s course far surpassed anything i could have expected. i joined this course because my energy levels were low and i felt sluggish, but the course fixed that and also gave me so much more. by taking margherita’s advice and making the changes she suggested, i have completely changed my lifestyle and am now feeling more joy, have more energy, am more purposeful, take better care of myself and am feeling more centred.”

/ sarah ~ london /