Yoga classes in London


“My intention in every class is to help you to become more of who you are!”

Practising together as a group has many benefits. We inspire each other to try new things and deepen our practice. We learn from each other as we encourage and celebrate our successes. We support each other in challenges on and off the mat. And we meet each other with a friendly face, wherever we find ourselves in life. When we set an intention to grow together and support one another in our practice, we all benefit.

We have a great time together each week on the mat. Join us!


Schedule of yoga classes in London



Friends Meeting House, Muswell Hill, N10 7.00-8.10pm IMPROVERS, 20.15-9.30pm Yoga Level 1-2 (for more information go to page Muswell Hill Page) – DROP IN NEED TO BOOK PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST


The Life Centre, Notting Hill, (15 Edge Street W11) 9.30-10.45am, Yoga level 1, 11.00-12.15pm, Yoga – level 2


The Life Centre, Notting Hill, (15 Edge Street W11) 12.15-1.30pm, Yoga – level 1-2



Private Session Yoga

If you have any specific needs not covered in class or you are new to yoga click here for more info on private sessions.




How to get there:

Friends Meeting House Muswell Hill N10
The Life Centre, Notting Hill



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  1. I have been attending Margherita Classes at the Virgin Barbican for around 3 months.

    I always feel very good after each class, but especially after this evenings class.15/04/2014

    You see I suffer with very troublesome back pain after a serious injury which happened to me 4 years ago,which resulted in tearing a deep lower back muscle and pulling discs,and today I could feel the pain and discomfort starting to kick in, but I took myself along to Margheritas class.

    At the start of each class, Margherita always welcomes her class and takes time to see how our day went and offers a smooth and encouraging talk to help us forget about the day.

    Margherita will also tell the class what part of the body that we will be working, and at tonight’s class Margherita mentioned that we will be working the back………”Oh” I thought to myself, and was about to leave, but I convinced myself to stay, also Margherita is always kind and keeps a eye on me and everybody else in class.

    The reason why I am leaving this Message to Margherita is that I am so glad that I had stayed at this evenings class, as by the end of the class the irritating back pain that I was experiencing through out my day had gone and I felt so happy that the pain had disappeared.

    At every class that I attend with Margherita, her classes are always well planned, well explained and well demonstrated, and taught very well.
    With each muscle group or internal muscle group that we are working explained well.
    Which I feel gives me more control over my movements, breathing and balance

    But tonight I cannot express myself enough, to be rid of the pain that has hindered me all through my day, and just to be able to sleep in peace tonight.
    Thank you Margherita I so glad that I had stayed at tonight’s class.


    • thank you Sonia for a thoughtful; message and glad my class was helpful to your back! Namaste

  2. Dear Margherita, As you know I have been coming to your Saturday class for a couple of years now. I always leave feeling SO much better than when I walked in; stretched, toned, strengthened and relaxed. This past Saturday, however, I don’t know what you did that was different, but it was like a visit to the best osteopath/chiropractor! I felt every vertebrae from my neck down go click click click like a railroad track. Then my hips, shoulders and elbows! By the end of the class I could literally feel a surge of “chi” coursing throughout me. In addition to the usual benefits, I felt more energised than ever with an overwhelming sense of wellness and spiritual and physical balance. Thank you SO much!

    • thank you Sybille. so glad my class was that useful :) see you soon for more fun!

  3. Margherita, once again – thank you for a wonderful class, in a space of just an hour you helped me to clear my head and open my heart. You are an inspiration!

    • thank you Julia! I <3 your dedication to your practice! that is what fires me to be at my best as a teacher xx

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