Dear Margherita, I am so happy to have come to another retreat, it has done the world of good for me! I liked the diversity between the days and how you draw on each day to build blocks for the next. You are incredibly patient and loving and it has been instrumental in creating a healing environment. Thank you so much! Love Jacqueliue (from London)

Margherita muchissimas gracias por este fantastico yoga retreat. One of the nicest experiences in my life. I feel my family has extended and you take part of it! I am very happy to have met you…and I know this is just the beginning…of something even greater. Lots of love (from Alexandra, Spain)

Yet another beautiful chosen space in the hills of Umbria ... the energy Margherita dearest that you manage to create in each place and in each heart is just magical !

fun and love is just what I felt in each class, time to reflect during the week, all has given me such an inspiration! I really hope I will be able to practice with you more often .,,. thank you so much for making me part of your family ... I love you!! Rosy (London)

Lovely Marghe, can't express fully how lovely this week at the Locanda was for me. To think that just a year ago I turned up at In Sabina without knowing any of you is crazy. I feel so cosmically aligned with this group and this week and the space and the community that you create; I feel truly blessed to have been here and I know this is just the beginning of a new chapter in my yoga and my dharma ... inshallah .. you are a wonderful and luminous teacher and friend. Mille grazie. Candida (London)

It was such a treat to be able to be with you in India- I think it was a really special week and I'm so glad I was a part of it.  ... Please keep me informed of any classes and special events you have going on- it would be a pleasure to continue learning with you if possible. Thank you for all your wisdom and inspiration- ... Love,

Margherita Dal Pra teaches an intermediate class on Tues 7.30-9.00pm. Her style is “a synthesis of Anusara bio-mechanical principles of alignment, heart-centered themes and the lineage and depth of knowledge of Tantric Hatha energetics in the Para Yoga® style”. I loved the more detailed technical breakdown of the postures and the blend of different influences. It’s a challenging session but the hour and half flew past, leaving much smoother movement and clearer minds. Her regulars were huge fans.

Stefanie (Barbican Life Magazine)
Hello Margherita,
Thank you for taking me on this wonderful journey through elements: earth/water/fire/air&space- it was amazing and what’s most important it will resonate for long, forever. I admire the way you work with and sense the energy. Classes were very well balanced ; we were strengthening, stretching in all directions and dimensions. I am particularly grateful for the pranayama practice, which I’ve always found quite difficult to do on my own. I’m mesmerised – truly, deeply- by the way you teach and practise. Thank you so much for sharing tips on teaching, for being so approachable , warm and kind.

Your biggest fun

Dear Margherita, thank you for the most important week of my life so far at your retreat in Goa 2013! Something deep inside me has been changed and I came back to London a better person! With still so much more to learn, I look forward to continue learning with you. You are an incredible teacher and an inspiration and I felt a deep connection with you and our amazing yoga group, we were blessed and I love you! Thank you

Rachel (London)
Margherita, once again you did not disappoint! Our week in Goa at Ashiyana still resonates with a deep love, belly laugh, and amazing changes. You have such a knack for putting together an incredible group of Yogis. I feel so blessed to have so many new Londoners in my life! How you manage to get 2 Greeks, 1 Russian, 1 Brazilian, 1 Turk, 1 South African, 1 Irish, 2 Polish, 1 Italian, 3 British, and 1 Canadian in one group that respects, enjoys and loves each moment is pretty extraordinary!

Santa Maria del Sole was an incredible experience three years ago – loved it all – but your teaching here in Mandrem Beach, Goa seemed to take on a life of it’s own. Your breakdown of Asanas will be with us forever – and I can’t think of where or whom one could go to get such thorough in-depth training. You are truly an artists in your craft and still, able to send each and every subtle move to a higher depth in each of our bodies. Thank you Margherita – for choosing a striking beachfront India-lite Venue with meticulous rooms and bountiful buffets, and especially for giving us a week of your love and support.

Claudia Wisdom Good
Wisdom Travel
Dear Margherita,
I am back in London safely and happy but cannot stop thinking of the amazing week I had with you and the rest of the group in Ashiyana-Goa. It makes me smile and I know I will always remember this week as one of the best in my life. It gave me so much energy and life and it was not only the sun which was constantly shining for us and I needed lots. It was the lovely venue, the people who run it, the amazing group you once again managed to pull together and above all it was YOU. I know you for almost a decade now and I see you every week. I have been to a handfull of your retreats but everytime my experience is better than the last one! Not sure how you can top this one but I am sure you will. You surprise me everytime and I know you can do it again. You are not only an amazing teacher I never get bored off, but above all I think the reason I am so fond of you is that you are a real and a normal person. A teacher who can play with us, have a laugh, be silly with us. Someone who can understand the energy of the group and is flexible enough to adjust your teaching to this. I know you plan a lot for these retreats but you are able to change and still surprise us. Everytime a class was finished we were all smiling, and did not want to leave the ‘room’. But we were then rewarded with another amazing class and something new from you.

So as I am back in London and look back I smile and my heart melts. I want everyone to be able to experience a week like the one I had in Ashiyana one day and I want everyone to experience you as a friend and as a teacher. I am happy, fulfilled and with a bunch of new amazing friends (a legendary group of people) and not even the grey and cold london weather can get me down this time. And i know I still get to see you every week hopefully for the rest of my life. Now be quick as i want to plan Ashiyana Goa 2014!

Thank you for everything
your most loyal student.

P.S: if I had one complaint it will be that there were no ‘juicy mangoes’ ha ha. Sorry for the inside joke! x

Vassia (London)
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