Workshop: Loosening the grip on your shoulders 20 October 2013

Date(s) - 20/10/2013
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Margherita shoulders assist

Most of us hold a lot of stress and tension in the shoulder girdle area, which can lead to injuries as well as neck and wrist discomfort.  This workshop will focus on opening the upper back (thoracic spine) and shoulders. The thoracic spine is by nature inflexible and can contribute to increased stress and pain on the neck and shoulders. Learn what your rotator cuff muscles are, what they do to keep you safe, and learn how to access these muscles through isolated therapeutic exercise. This will eventually turn into the greatest strength opening and connection in the backbends, chatturangas and poses that include weight bearing on the arms.

We will break down poses that are commonly either the culprit of shoulder injuries or that you find inaccessible because of restrictions.

We will learn to strengthen the upper back to better support the head and reduce fatigue in the muscles of the neck to maintain a state of greater relaxation.

This workshop will also focus on poses and breath work designed to bring awareness to unconscious holding in the muscles of the neck and shoulders and help to release that stress, fight fatigue and release tension in the upper body. We will explore the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and the muscles that attach to it, correct alignment and therapeutic poses. You will discover how to unbind connective tissue and improve the range of motion in your shoulders.

We will also direct attention to the Fifth or Vishuddha chakra located in the throat and recognised as the centre of purification. This area of the energetic system is associated with creativity and self-expression, and it is said that the success of one’s life depends on the vitality of this chakra.

Please come to experience openness and inner strength in the upper body and practice with more safety, precision and find relief from everyday pain bringing ease and enjoyment back into your life. Come work out the kinks and the clicks and find freedom in those stubborn shoulders!

Suitable for those who are new to yoga, advanced practitioners, or yoga teachers who want to learn remedial exercises that really work. If you are a summer swimmer or a golfer, or work too many hours on computer this workshop is for you!

WHERE: The Life Centre, Edge Street, Notting Hill


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