Hip Openers part 2 – Free Your Pelvis and the Rest Will Follow – Workshop sunday 7 December 2014

Date(s) - 07/12/2014
All Day

The hips are the “docking station” of the spine. If they are stiff, the spine cannot be supported in optimal alignment and the rest of the body constantly compensates for the misalignment of the spine. The hips are also the fulcrum point of our balance. If they are locked we cannot make the adjustments that keep us flo

ating through life with bandhas aligned and energy flowing freely. With locked hips, the rest of the body compensates for lack of balance. This low-level compensation can be the cause of chronic fatigue and lack of energy. In this workshop

we explore the hips as a foundation for optimal alignment that can heal lower back pain, headaches, and knee pain. We also explore how to direct energy into the tight muscles around the hips instead of allowing it to leak out the compensating areas causing little or no progress in the release of these big muscle groups.

The main poses we will work towards will be full bakasana, vashistasana, krounchasana and yogadandasana or whatever my creativity will bring in on that day.

Beyond the pure physical aspect, working on the opening of the hips, affects more subtle and inner aspects. Of the 5 elements that our body is made up, water corresponds to the hips (earth the legs, fire the stomach, air the chest, ether the head). Therefore loosening the blockages in the pelvis favours the free flow of the fluids in the body. Furthermore, you bring more balance in the vital energy flow; particularly apana, the energy that moves down from pelvis to feet and helps us grounding, and prana which is pervasive in the whole body and favour the elevation. This balance will reflect in our inner state as a sense of profound calm and awareness of the present moment and clarity of the future. The pelvis is like a portal of access of our essence, and the place of the source of life.

Expect a juicy creative hip openers practice, great for detoxifying and grounding, offering us the perfect energy for some much needed internal work during frenzy Xmas time. A deep savasana and a short meditation and breath work to end the class will help us truly move into our week smoothly! All levels welcome except absolute beginners, regular practice is recommended.

BOOKING PLEASE CALL THE LIFE CENTRE 020 7221 4602 or visit The Life Centre website to book online!

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